Audrey’s Birthday

This has been a very special year! For one, I am here and have gotten to participate in many special occasions with family and friends. It has also been the year of Circus of the Queens: The Fortune-Teller’s Fate and the one when I became a debut published author.  Last year at this time “Circus” was a dream that lived in my computer and my head.

I can’t begin to describe the thrill Gary and I had when the box from my publisher arrived at our door and inside it was my beloved novel printed to perfection with its beautiful cover and all my words, over 116,000 of them each one, hand-picked, staring back at me so thoughtfully laid out in its interior. The Santa Barbara Independent wrote,”Circus of the Queens is a sweet, satisfying tale of one woman’s determination, heart, and love.” The critic was describing my book, but I realized he could have so easily been describing myself.

Writing it and having it published has brought about much excitement and joy and one surprise after another. Thanks to each of you who have purchased it, read it, written a review, passed it on to friends and family, made it your book club pick, or helped it come to life in any way. And to those of you who have any part of the above on your list of to do’s, today is a very good day to do it!

A special thank you to my sister Laura, whose birthday is on the 23rd of May, Dianne Athey, Dove Govrin, and my husband, Gary Welz. Without your help and love, there would be no Circus of the Queens books.

– Audrey

Audrey’s  publisher is Rare Bird Books, a Vireo Imprint out of LA. She goes by the pen name Audrey Berger Welz.