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“Berger Welz weaves an incredibly nuanced and wonderfully rich tale in her latest novel, Circus of the Queens: The Fortune-Teller’s Fate. The depth of her characters, the insight into by gone society, the incredible location descriptions and the over all arc of her heroine makes me wish that she would write screenplays… for me!”
— SCOTT ROSS, film producer and executive, LucasFilm Digital Domain

“Berger Welz takes us down a path that leads directly to the heart with her delicious words, creative phrasing and beautiful pacing. Who knew there would be so much between these pages?”
—PETER BUFFETT, writer and composer


“A circus, a Russian ballet dancer, St. Petersburg, Russia, Savannah, GA, twists of fate, and a travelogue through historical times are just some of the pieces the author has magically woven together in an intriguing and heart-tugging tapestry. An ambitious novel that succeeds. 
Audrey Berger Welz ‘s debut novel is a beautifully written multi-layered poetic narrative with the sensibilities and nuances of an epic. 
I applaud the strong independent women as the main characters, giving the book a feminist fierceness and I also appreciate the spiritual thread running throughout the novel.
 Although set in the past, the challenges and socio-economic and political issues mirror our present day climate, making this novel extremely poignant.
Circus Of The Queens immediately captured my curiosity and my heart and wouldn’t let go…and I didn’t want it to.”
—L. GOLD, January 21, 2018

Circus of the Queens is a delightful story which begins in Russia and takes the reader through immigration to a new world. Donatella’s journey is one that captivated me from the start and brought me into a life I’ve never before known anything about. The book gave me insight into those who dedicate their lives to the circus.
 Audrey Berger Welz has created characters that I grew to love as the story progressed. Her beautiful and realistic descriptions painted pictures with words. She did an excellent job ensuring that all parts of the book were neatly and cleverly tied together by the end of the story. It was obvious that the author did a tremendous amount of research, thus making the book not only interesting but also realistic.
 A great read!
—MERLE R. SAFERSTEIN, January 19, 2018

5.0 out of 5 stars
. Audrey Berger Welz has delivered an enthralling and gripping novel. The depth and richness of her writing, and the way in which she mingles her story lines is brilliant.
 Circus of the Queens: The Fortune-Teller’s Fate conjures a romance with meticulous detail, beautifully and artfully written with fascinating twists. The pictorial account of the strong, memorable characters is intriguing. This is a well-told tale and becomes electric, full of touching moments. It is a novel of tremendous and entrancing beauty, smoldering with atmosphere and history.
 Welz’s stellar writing is haunting and mesmerizing. The story is exceptionally riveting and inspiring!”

“An epic female saga told through the eyes of a female fortune-teller about the Circus of the Queens, named in honor of the owners wife and four daughters.”

“Circus of the Queens: The Fortune-Teller’s Fate is the perfect book to recommend and read during March, National Women’s Month.”