Audrey Berger Welz dragged her guitar everywhere. She apprenticed as a silversmith, earned a degree in Aesthetic Studies from University of California Santa Cruz, and worked in film in San Francisco.

Audrey moved to New York City to pursue music where she became a fixture in the commercial music business. An avid photographer, she sings nightly to her husband, and immerses herself in writing every day.

Raised in Akron, Ohio by a salesman father who serenaded the family on violin and brought home stray animals, and a mother who taught kindergarten, Audrey lives in Manhattan with her husband and two very naughty cats. Circus of the Queens: The Fortune-Teller’s Fate is her debut novel. She is currently writing a sequel, Circus of the Queens: The Shadow of Lillya.


  • Avid photographer of Cracks In Sidewalks
  • Loves karaoke!
  • Post produced Neil Young documentary, Muddy Track, with Neil Young
  • Bar Patron #1 in Miss Congeniality Two
  • Sold industrial hardware to farmers in Monterey Bay
  • Has particular interest in Central and South American authors
  • Favorite place on the planet: Big Sur
  • Co-founder of Sing For Your Health! workshops
  • Lived on Krishnamurti’s old estate in Ojai, CA
  • Survived ruptured aneurysm and medically induced coma
  • Audrey’s cousin, Mac Raboy, created Captain Marvel, Jr. and drew Flash Gordon