Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!!!

Gary and I were out walking, contemplating a recent book reading we did. It was a special book reading and a Q&A of my novel Circus of the Queens: The Fortune-Teller’s Fate. What made it special was that it was arranged for a book club out on Long Island by a friend, Shelly Camens whom I spent time with and knew in high school but had not seen since I was 16.

What a modern age we live in! Not only did she find me through Facebook after so many years, but we conducted the book club reading using Zoom video conferencing software and Zoom was able to bring us together. How slick is that? It was so much fun and much more intimate then I dreamed possible.

I want to thank Rabbi Jeff Clopper and my husband Gary Welz for setting us up; Gary for his always invaluable input, and of course Shelly and her book club friends who took the time to read my novel and even more time to, thoughtfully discuss it.